"Roots of Tragedy is a name that I came up with after Sjelehøst project. I had earlier played in a Death Metal band called Aspired (I was on the Lead Vocals). We played a couple of concerts and of unknown reasons we split and never played again. In winter 2005 I started Sjelehøst, it was a kind of melancholic black metal. Sjelehøst produced nearly 30 songs and ended at the start of 2006. Then I got some more advanced equipment for recording and decided to start a more serious project called Roots of Tragedy. With more focus on the song-writing and recording, this became a serious project. Roots of Tragedy is a mix of Black Metal and Doom Metal, with elements from Death and Progressive. Roots Of Tragedy re-produced some of the Sjelehøst songs like Unborn. The new title was Unborn (Abortion Day). Unlike the other metal bands, Roots of Tragedy writes Christian lyrics wrapped in heavy clothing."